About Us

CVWO Board Members

Brian Taber
Dave Youker
Vice President
Shirley Devan

Additional Board Members

Nancy Barnhart, Williamsburg Bird Club representative
Jessica Ausura
Andy Hawkins, Hampton Roads Bird Club representative
Sheila Scoville

CVWO Advisors
Dr. Robert Ake
Bob Anderson
Dennis Baker
Ruth Boettcher (Virginia Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries)
Larry Brindza
Dr. Ned Brinkley (Editor, North American Birds)
Dr. Lincoln Brower (Sweet Briar College)
Dr. Mitchell Byrd (Center for Conservation Biology,
____The College of William and Mary)
Dorothy Field (Va. Dept. of Conservation and Recreation,
____Div. of Natural Heritage)
Mark Garland
Fred Hazelwood (Superintendent, First Landing State Park,
____Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Recreation)
Earl Hodnett (Fairfax County Wildlife Biologist, FCPD)
Dr. Robert Reilly (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Jill Bieri (Virginia Coast Reserve of the Nature Conservancy)
Sue Rice
Forrest Gladden (Kiptopeke State Park,
____Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Recreation)
Dr. Bryan Watts (Center for Conservation Biology,
____The College of William and Mary and Virginia Commonwealth Univ.)
Bill Williams

Team Leaders
Songbird Research Team Leader, Shirley Devan
Raptor Research Team Leader, Brian Taber
Butterfly Research Team Leaders, Nancy Barnhart and Brian Taber
Waterbird Research Team Leader, Bill Williams
Education Team Leader, Andy Hawkins

Partner Organizations and Agencies
Bird Conservation Alliance of the American Bird Conservancy
Historic Rivers Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists
Richmond Audubon Society
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Virginia Beach Audubon Society
Virginia Bird Conservation Initiative
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Important Bird Areas Program
Virginia Society of Ornithology
Williamsburg Bird Club
Teaming with Wildlife

For information on Observatory programs or events, please contact Brian Taber at 757-253-1181 or taberzz@aol.com, or write to us at

Coastal Virginia Wildlife Observatory
PO Box 764
Lightfoot, VA 23090